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Solutions-oriented HRIS professional, passionate about improving processes and motivating people, with the ability to merge disparate personnel into team-centered project members in direct support of business objectives.

Summary of Strengths:

  • Outstanding leadership abilities; able to coordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating, and leading project teams.
  • Adept at analyzing existing processes and determining solutions for gaps, identifying new processes to support  implementations and development of new process arranging training modules.
  • Visionary and a critical thinker, exuding energy, motivation and confidence.  
  • Self-motivated professional who works very well independently and institutes creative improvements that allow for efficient workflow.
  • Skilled, articulate communicator with an enthusiastic, yet professional, presentation.
  • Ability to effectively train and share knowledge with team members in a variety of applications and processes with a patient, diligent manner.  Unrivaled.


Professional Experience

Independent Consultant 2013 – Present

HRIS Project Management – Winston Salem State University

Providing HRIS support with key responsibilities which include data integrity enforcement, data reconciliation, and project management lead for critical HR/Payroll implementations such as electronic timesheets and a shared state personnel information system.  Maintain all standard model rule and validation tables governed by UNC system.  Provide troubleshooting and solution for all HR/Payroll/Position Control modules at both the functional (form) and technical (table) levels.  Provide reporting solutions utilizing TOAD or WebFocus.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Leadership role in the successful implementation of Leave Reports transitioning campus from paper to electronic timesheets.
  • Leadership role in the third enhancement of the new state personnel system (HRDM) shared by the 16 campuses of the UNC System.
  • Successful completion of fiscal and calendar year-end processing and critical projects (i.e. PDF, Compensated Absences, Salary/Position budget rolls) relative to HR/Position Control/Finance Banner.


iCIMS, Matawan, NJ (Remote) 2013 – 2014

Implementation Manager, Enterprise Division

In this consultative role, working directly with high-profile clients, led the scope analysis and configuration strategy to support the successful implementation of this SaaS applicant tracking software. During the course of implementation, also trained and effectively communicated to clients the best and most efficient methods of utilizing the suite of products. Projects included minimal data imports & system integrations, which would require management of sub-projects and vigilance in avoiding scope creep.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Successfully managed 3-5 client implementations at any given time, through the entire life cycle of each project.
  • Consistently demonstrated the ability to accurately determine customer needs and leverage system knowledge across new implementations
  • Tenacious when seeking solutions to challenging client project requirements


Winston Salem State University, Winston Salem, NC 2011 – 2013

Director of HR Management and HR/Payroll Systems

Primary lead and decision-maker in the selection, development, implementation, documentation, maintenance and training relative to automated and manual human resources, position control and payroll systems/controls. Oversee the HR functional areas of Employment/Recruitment, Compensation/Classification, Benefits and Leave Administration. In this role, must ensure compliance with established State and Federal guidelines.  Manage multiple HR and Payroll projects, required by the campus, UNCGA/FIT, OSP, Federal and State agencies.  Possess knowledge of human resources and payroll principles, laws, regulations, and requirements to facilitate the successful integration of the HR and Payroll Operations within the Banner system. Change Advisory Board (CAB) Member (Standard Model – FIT).  Manage and extract information from all systems including Banner, PeopleAdmin, HR Data Mart (UNC FIT), BEACON, etc., utilizing tools such as SQL and Web Focus.  

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • In-depth knowledge of the HR/Payroll/Benefits ERP module at both the functional and technical (tables/processes) levels facilitated successful implementation of the HR Data Mart, KRONOS-to-Banner Payroll interface, HR WorkFlow E-PAFs, and the evolving Personnel Data File (PDF).
  • Consistently held a lead role in the designing, coding, testing, analysis and implementation of all technical solutions relating to any HR systems/Reporting tools.


UNC General Administration, Chapel Hill, NC 2008 – 2011

Business Process Analyst – Human Resources

Developed and maintained a standardized model to be used by multiple institutions within the state system. Lead implementation of live HR/Payroll ERP environment for multiple institutions within the state system. Conducted review of existing HR procedures/processes, identified improvements, and documented process flows and control documents. Provided strategic UNC-specific operational business process analysis/ reviews to identify and implement best business practice solutions to maximize economies of scale, and to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Coordinated user testing for HR/Payroll departments for Banner system. Trained staff on new systems procedures prior to cutover to production environment. Monitored, provided solutions to issues, as well as wrote proposals for identified changes and enhancements to production system. Utilized SQL and MS Access skills to develop reports and table-level solutions. Acted as liaison between UNCGA and UNC FIT Leadership, Institutional Administration, and SunGard resources. 

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Heavily supported the successful implementation of biweekly and monthly pay cycles at UNC Pembroke, Western Carolina University, UNC Asheville, School of the Arts, and Winston Salem State University.
  • Primary role in the continued maintenance and support of the UNC FIT Standard Model as well as largely responsible for decisions made toward changes to the model.
  • Consulted with clients to determine data requirements, and business needs which resulted in my creating custom reports and solutions which supported successful human resources and payroll processing.  Many of these solutions have been incorporated in the Standard Model and will be utilized, system-wide.


North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC 2006 – 2008

Human Resources Information Systems Analyst

Responsibilities included routine and non-routine technical support and/or assistance with all systems and software applications for the Enterprise Information Systems/HR divisions, with a dotted line role as liaison to ITS department. Provided oversight of ERP system implementations and projects such as HR Banner and PeopleAdmin.  Supported the design of specifications for new programs and application testing.  Introduced and managed new/existing technologies such as the conversion of system network from Novell to AD, and electronic mail system from GroupWise to Outlook.  Developed of training guides and manuals; design system related security strategies while serving as security administrator.  Provided on-going training for staff members and other campus parties on HR-related software applications, systems, and solutions.  Responsible for supporting the development, implementation and maintenance of internal and external websites, to include e-training solutions.   Developed training manuals that provide clear and concise directions to end-users.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Actively involved in data preparation and front-end implementation of HR Banner module.
  • Supported SPA HR Banner module with a high level of data integrity which resulted in minimal errors in legislative reporting (i.e. Personnel Data File).
  • Prepared user procedural manuals for functional users of HR Banner system.


Bell & Trice Enterprises, Washington, D.C. 2006 – 2007

Project Management – Consultant

By invitation of the Chancellor at Fayetteville State University, partnered with Bell & Trice to assess and oversee the successful re-implementation of the Human Resources Banner system.  Initial responsibilities included identifying the current state of the HR Banner system; determining the feasibility of meeting North Carolina State and General Administration external reporting requirements with strict mandated deadlines; ascertaining the expertise and adequacy of current staff to use system; and assisting in the development of a project plan towards utilizing the system as mandated.  Key responsibilities also include conducting weekly audits to review the records that need to be updated in the system, as well as review random samples of those records that have already been entered for validation of accuracy.  Also, responsible for reviewing data that had been previously entered erroneously to determine if necessary corrections have been made as stated.  Additionally, attend update meetings conducted weekly, on site or by teleconference, with the team at FSU, as well as periodic meetings with the Chancellor and other key stakeholders deeply vested in the success of the project.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Ensure that task objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities.
  • Analyzed results of operations to discover more efficient ways to utilize resources.
  • Reviewed project status reports during each operational phase.
  • Track and communicate project status to upper management utilizing MS Project reports.
  • Facilitate conference calls with internal departments to review goals and manage progress.
  • Served as liaison between system users and technical support group.


North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC 2006 – 2006

Information Technology Manager – Customer Service/Communications

Maintain high level of excellence in all areas of responsibility and customer service to reflect a positive image of the office.  Responsibilities include Assisting in resolving customer service issues/complaints.  Established communication strategies for upcoming IT Projects.  Communicated key IT information to campus community as it pertained to support information, system upgrade information, projected application implementations.  Assisted in providing new applications training to students, faculty, and Staff.  As IT Campus Special Events Coordinator, was responsible for assisting the on and off-campus community members with their technology needs to facilitate successful events.  

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Expertise in resolving escalated customer service issues to improve campus-wide image of ITS.
  • In concert with other IT Managers, assisted in the resolution of 5+ day old FootPrints (work order) issues to facilitate improved customer service.


Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC 2005 – 2006

Human Resources – Information Technology Manager

Served as IT Manager in support of the Human Resources division with a strong focus on Banner ERP data migration, as well as all other technical HR processes/applications such as PeopleAdmin.  Security Administrator for HR Banner and PMIS.  Implemented strategies for Banner utilization in order to increase efficiency in business processes.  Served as liaison between HR and IT to ensure seamless technology operations.  Trained staff on HR Banner rule/validation tables, functional processes and reporting.  Supported the reporting needs of the campus utilizing Banner and WebFocus reporting tools.  Meticulously analyzed HR Banner database to allow for ‘on-sight’ identification of data errors.  Designed and maintained functional desktop manuals and e-training programs.  Implemented Banner Web Time-Entry set up.  Designed and maintained internal and external departmental websites using FrontPage and SCT Luminis.  Researched and tested new applications and processes to increase efficiency and quality customer service.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Wrote computer system procedure specifications and user manuals.
  • Assist vice president in budget reconciliation and other forecasting/planning activities.
  • Trained HR, Payroll, and Budget in the functional use of the HR Banner system
  • Supervised staff in HR Banner preparation for generating a clean Personnel Data File (PDF) for General Administration in less than 3 months.


Women’s Center of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, NC 2001 – 2006

Information Technology Trainer

As an independent consultant, provided instruction in the areas of Personal Computers (Introduction), Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  This contract evolved into an advanced course offering training for those individuals in the community interested in becoming Microsoft Office Specialist Certified.  The expected outcome was to assist students to succeed in the training, apply their new skills in their homes or translate them into marketable strengths to provide them with long-term career opportunities within the business/educational communities in Cumberland County.  These classes also fostered increased confidence in the areas of public speaking, self-presentation, and professional creativity. Utilized CBT programs such as Info Source and MeasureUp.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Received Best Teacher award in the field of Education at 2005 annual ceremony.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook®).
  • Fostered positive self-image in students and motivated them to be more creative and aggressive in their career pursuits.


Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC 2004 – 2005

Help Desk Assistant – Customer Service/Banner Quality Assurance

Primarily responsible for the Banner Quality Assurance by verifying integrity of existing and incoming Banner data.  Also responsible for implementing strategies that ensured consistent data integrity.    Maintained documentation of changes/updates/upgrades to Banner system, particularly as it pertains to the Change Management system.  Worked closely with Banner DBAs, various campus offices, as well as end users utilizing Banner to ensure proper use of system fields.  Also served as back up for the ITTS customer support desk, with duties which included troubleshooting and correcting routine problems and escalating more complex problems to the Help Desk personnel on duty.  Consistently provided positive customer service and displayed the ability to interact well with others and work cooperatively with all members of the FSU community.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Maintained a working knowledge of Banner tables and schemas, enabling efficient use of reporting tool, WebFOCUS.
  • Trained and assisted students, faculty, and staff to utilize the front-end, self-service Banner environment, as well as the new Luminis campus intranet.


Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC 2001 – 2004

Administrative Secretary – Enrollment Management

Sole employee assisting the Associate VC in establishing new division of Retention & Planning.  Created reports that provided vital information to faculty and administrators, identifying and recommending strategies that increase retention and the successful completion of students’ academic programs.  Actively involved in community outreach programs encouraging middle and high school students to include college in their future plans by coordinating events such as Open House, University Day, Project Cheer!, Supplemental Instruction, and Character Education Summer Institute, Christian Provisions Ministry Youth Event, and the NC Community College Summit, Faculty Advisement Workshops, P.E.T. Scholarship Program.  Proactively sought solutions to potential challenges, as well as suggested improvements to procedures to streamline difficult projects.  Collected data utilizing the SIS/FRS system to create new databases, as well as update existing databases, using Excel, Access, and MS Word.  Conducted phone surveys to students inquiring about re-enrollment issues.  Created various web page surveys, charts, mass mailings and databases used as sources of information, as well as learning/teaching tools, utilizing Microsoft FrontPage, Access, Visio, and Blackboard.

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Implemented a new procedure, in coordination with IT staff, which utilized Microsoft Outlook Exchange and Word to disperse components of the Undergraduate and Graduate 2004-2006 Catalog to the various project drivers, campus-wide.  This allowed for tracking and editing of both documents in a more concise and timely manner, cutting catalog production time by at least 30%, as well as providing a cost saving in additional staffing requirements and supply expenses by approximately $9,500.00.
  • Also, assisted Special Assistant to the Chancellor, John R. Griffin (currently member of Board of Directors for Fayetteville State University), daily in his efforts to support the university in various capacities.
  • Negotiated a $10,000.00 budget increase for community projects geared toward fostering an interest in earning a higher education, particularly at FSU, within youth of the local community.
  • Negotiated with the Provost to have 5 support staff licensed as Notary Publics to increase the level of quality customer service provided by the Office of Academic Affairs.


Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, NC 2002

Business Process Analyst/Facilitator – Banner Implementation

Trained by NC General Administration – Shared Alliance to apply SCT methodologies for information gathering and MS Visio modeling to analyze business processes.  These skills were used to prepare front-end documentation for the campus-wide development and implementation phases of Banner.  

Key Contributions/Accomplishments:

  • Armed with the above skills, and an effective mix of people skills and assertiveness, I was able to bring key stakeholders to the table and effectively reach a consensus about the business requirements, as well as their true business practices. The use of these skills also enabled me to minimize conflict and keep egos intact, when disagreements and challenges arose.
  • Awarded for outstanding efforts during implementation by General Administration CIO, Robyn Render.


Education and Credentials

Bachelor of Science Candidate for Degree in Accounting, MIS Concentration

Fayetteville State University – Fayetteville, North Carolina (May 2013)


Professional Training and Certifications

A+ Certification – CompTIA ID# COMP001001932860


Professional Affiliations

Project Management Institute (ID# 966065) – Individual Membership

PMI North Carolina Chapter Member