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Enterprise Database Architect

Enterprise Data Architect and Tech Lead with over 15 years of progressive experience in IT industry including Engineering LabWare, Investment Securities, Transportation, Cloud Computing, and Higher Education.

  • Expertise in designing, architecting solutions for a variety of enterprise initiatives, logical, physical, canonical Data Modeling, aligning solutions with the overall enterprise reference architecture, and building roadmap within the organization.
  • Comprehensive experience in Data Profiling, Data Management, and Data Governance including database normalization/de-normalization of ORACLE RDBMS. Evaluating new methods in RDBMS and integrating these trends with business’s strategic objectives.
  • Modeling of Kimball’s Dimensional, Star, Snowflake schema of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) from Operational Data Stores (ODS), and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW).
  • Specialization in Business Process Re-engineering and management including Business Process Improvement (BPI), complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including implementation and deployment.
  • Managing application integration within ERP suite utilizing Business Event Publishing (BEP), Business Event Integration Services (BEIS) on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform and publishing events in OracleStreams for subscriber systems.



EA and BPA:
Adoption of TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architecture Framework, TOGAF’s deliverables, ArchiMate 2.0 and BPMN 2.0 through training and application in real world solutions
Data Profiling, Data Mapping, Data Flow Diagrams, Process Workflows, Prototyping, Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
Data Modeling Tools:
Agilian/VP, Erwin, Visio, TOAD DM, XMLSpy, Eclipse, and Archi
Databases (RDBMS):
Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, IBM
JAD Session, Off-shore Management, In-house Management, UAT, Issue Resolution, and Client Presentations
Software/BI Tools:
Oracle Discoverer, Cognos, Informatica, MS BizTalk, Crystal Reports, TOAD, SQL Developer, SequelPro, Argos ER, Ellucian’s C-Tools
PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL, Bash, Shell, ksh, DCL, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Yii2, XML, WSDL, XSD, JCL
Operating Systems: Platforms:
Linux, UNIX, VAX/OpenVMS, MS Windows, Mac OS, DEC Alpha,
Luminis, PHP-NUKE, SOAP, OpenBSD, OpenSSH, CP/M


May 2005
Master of Science in Management Info System
Dominican University, River Forest Illinois

Aug 2000
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Concordia University, River Forest Illinois


Enterprise Database Architect Aug 2013 – Present
SenseAgility Group – Chicago, IL

  • Current project involves building an cloud based enterprise solution for. This solution leverages application frameworks; setting-up a metadata registry and allowing domain-specific stakeholders to maintain their own data elements.
  • Successfully evaluating existing business architecture of the OLTP eCommerce solution, identifying gaps, architecting physical architecture for this (AWS) cloud-based system, and synchronizing the new model to the production model.
  • Data modeling and RDBMS designing of high-availability OLTP systems, establishing standards across modules; Oracle/MySQL packages, stored procedures, and functions for the solution.
  • Maintaining technical, application, data, business process, and infrastructure views of the architecture. Developing a “big picture” vision of architecture strategy utilizing Agilian (Visual Paradigm), ERWIN and XMLspy/eclipse as the canonical modeling tool.
  • Managing all technical matters of the project including stakeholders buy-in for the solution, estimating timelines and costs for the Program Manager, and coordinating the technical team for go-live implementation.
  • Implementing a Master Data Management solution, enabling centralized management of business critical data, development of a data strategy, and its associated polices.

Enterprise Database Architect and Development Lead
Underwriter Laboratory; Northbrook, IL Feb 2015 – Aug 2015

  • Successfully analyzed existing applications, evaluated existing architecture of the Engineering Lab Systems, determined process flows, identifying gaps, architected physical architecture for the proposed integration system, and synchronizing the new model to the production model.
  • Assisted in designing of high-availability Engineering Assessment Platform Integration sub system, architected physical model, established standards across modules; Data Design for the Messaging, Managed Development Oracle/MySQL packages, stored procedures, and functions.
  • Designed web service to support Enterprise Message based integrations; the efforts accomplish in the long term between the Information Platform and LabWare resulting reduction in technical scope and therefore the elimination of the Oracle SOA Suite.
  • Simplified the integration architecture that eliminate changes to support error handling. Successfully accomplished the task of sending Test Plan XML messages to LabWare, and displaying errors to the EAP user interface.

Database Architect, Tech Lead
Ryder Corp; Miami Florida March 2014 — Nov 2014

  • Provided services in creating Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Management Process and related deliverables; evaluating and selecting appropriate Enterprise Architecture Tool(s) to support the new process.
  • Integrated 3rd Party Fleet Management Vendor platform with the Ryder systems, the efforts leverage the system foundations to support future providers which enhanced value proposition for On-Demand customers resulting in higher levels of growth.
  • Designed a group of SOA enabled business services that expose business processes via a standardized set of contracts. Provided a solution that allow users to interact with Ryder in the creation and management of a service related case; manage and automate the mapping of 3rd Party data and services to Ryder standards.
  • Built physical model for code translation between application system, designed and developed BizTalk components to support the architecture.
  • Proposed a standardized approach for detecting and handling exceptions that occur in the BizTalk Server environment; architected data model for common patterns, reporting mechanism for application exceptions, and exception management pattern that allow automated processes to react to and manage application exceptions.

ERP Architect and Technical Lead May 2013 – Aug 2013
Florida Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers, FL

  • Successfully architected solution for transient student project; reviewed, analyzed specifications, determined gaps, provided optimum solution based on PESC standards, implemented, and integrated these enhancements into ellucian™ Banner ERP suite.
    Accomplishments include:
  • Conducting detailed analysis for existing business requirements of the project; proposing alternative solution, defining implementation/integration alternatives, and designing a highly configurable solution that met current and future business needs.
  • Defining the services for SOA components and developing the orchestrated solution that reduced 60% of the originally estimated development time. Providing alternative solution to a static approach reducing an estimated 80% in future code maintenance.
  • Obtaining the approval for the designed solution and support for the project from client. Implementing unique approach in building SOA (XML) contracts of transient student request for Enrollment and Cost-of-Attendance Status in alignment with state request.
  • Leading and developing the PL/SQL packages, functions, DDL scripts, deploying these scripts enhancing the ERP capabilities to respond to institution’s requests and generating responses efficiently while complying with universal PESC standards.
  • Administrating the UAT process, designing technical documentation for UAT, bug resolutions, and documenting resolutions of issues discovered during testing.

Data Warehouse Analyst
University of Chicago – Chicago, IL (short term) Mar 2013 – Apr 2013

  • Upgraded architecture for an EDW at the University of Chicago by introducing TOGAF 9 framework, guidelines, and by building artifact repositories based on framework for a legacy Data Warehouse migration project.
    Accomplishments include:
  • Completing the requirements, coordinating resources related to functions, processes, data management, and applications service. Designing architectural solutions, functional performance tuning, and project effort estimates.
  • Conducting design discussions in a cross-functional environment, applying architectural/development standards, best practices, and building repositories.
  • Analyzing existing UNIX CRON jobs for ETL processes, writing optimized CRON jobs and BASH scripts by removing redundant codes. Placing TOGAF 9.1 document standards, mapping business processes and data interactions for the migration project.

ERP Database Implementation, Integration Consultant Jan 2012 – Jan 2013
Apollo Group Inc. – Chicago, IL

  • Designed, integrated, and implemented the strategy for ellucian™ Banner® ERP suite with other ERP and financial applications. This was done by leveraging a variety of source and engaging with client and various vendors. Lead the technical teams, during the entire process and deployed the solution to multiple systems globally.
    Accomplishments include:
  • Leading ellucian™ Banner® ERP interface design, and development project. Assessing existing processes to meet changing business requirements, defining source to target mappings/context diagrams, and designing data flows in an Agile/Scrum environment.
  • Acting as the in-house SME of higher education ERPs and working directly with project teams/business leads. Driving development and integration of new ERP data model to maximize flexibility while limiting the effects of changes in the source systems.
  • Integrating business events publishing (BEP) via OracleStreams, propagating, populating queuing table, and formatting XML payload for SOA contracts to access.
  • Developing and deploying complex PL/SQL packages, functions, procedures, table level compound triggers, and materialized views configuring integration BEP dynamically.
  • Interfacing between five applications through SOA platform with Banner® ERP suite, working with project teams, creating canonical data model components applying PESC standards including component XML Schema Definition (XSD) and web services (WSDL).
  • Preparing requirements documentation, flow diagrams, and solution plans for Banner® Workflows. Documented workflows including all business, functional and technical details to ensure highly available ongoing operations.
  • Documenting the data requirements and performing analysis for source/target systems data quality and architecting functional design and implementing technical DB solutions.
  • Solving critical business intelligence needs for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports to measure performance against goals by modeling components of the Data Warehouse environment for Integrated Data Repository (IDR) application needs.
  • Directing IDR data development team to ensure consistency and integration with existing EDW structure, modules metrics, dependencies, and validation rules.
  • Working with external vendors responsible for custom development of SIS, collaborate integration efforts, discuss gaps, create deployment schedule to ensure proper alignment of deployment with custom interfaces to avoid any conflicts or failures.

ERP Database Analyst and Migration Consultant May 2011 – Jan 2012
SunGard Corporation (now ellucian™) – Texas

  • Successfully migrated legacy data to a module of Banner® ERP suite, developed, and enhanced component based objects of SunGard ERP suite for NSU, LA. Evaluated ERP business processes, analyzed reporting needs of institution, and performed data conversion.
    Accomplishments include:
  • Defining requirements from functional specifications for NSU Louisiana, developing ETL processes as it flows through the different systems, resolving the data quality issues.
  • Communicating with key business and IT stakeholders to confirm requirements, design alternatives, facilitating discussions, and ultimately driving requirements sign-off
  • Creating three tier ETL process which at self-service layer takes input, at application layer validate business process, eliminate errors by reporting various invalid data, and finally at database layer refining and uploading data to ERP modules from legacy DB.
  • Developing SQL and PL/SQL scripts, packages, functions, and procedures for subject specific materialized views to support BI, institutional research, and other end-points.
  • Converting solution/delivery requests into project plans which include detailed work-plans and timelines that meet the needs of functional management and process owners. Providing support in deployment for business critical application problems and issues.
  • Performing migration utilizing C-Tools (SunGard data conversion tool), supporting deployment and enhancements of new releases to production.
  • Building DB interfaces, writing technical specification for legacy institutional research interfacing, and crosswalk with the universities’ legacy components.
  • Participating in implementation/integration of Financial Module of Banner® ERP for a group of community colleges (LCTCS) and the third party vendor interface to assist in tracking transfers from other institutions.

Sr. ERP Solution Analyst – Oracle Developer
CAIS (LCMS Consulting Group) – Chicago, IL May 2000 – Apr 2011

  • Recognized for delivery of expert services for consortium of higher education universities and associated organizations in architecting, analysis, designing, customizing, Component Based Development (CBD) for enhancements of ERP suit’s functionalities.
    Accomplishments include:
  • Producing competitive edge solutions in database designs and development of PL/SQL packages, functions, procedures, and all kind of triggers for Oracle RDBMS.
  • Serving as technical SME of multiple modules of ERP suite, introducing platform independency in development process of ERP’s component base development (CBD).
  • Establishing Data Governance, Master Data Management standards, designing a multi-step ETL process for ad-hock Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, analytics data, handling dependencies, and enforcing business rules.
  • Architecting enterprise data models ensuring they are viewed, interpreted, and used in a consistent and effective manner. Performing data architecture of conceptual, logical, physical, and entity-relationship database designs for high-availability solutions.
  • Modeling of logical/physical source system for data warehouse, conducting facilitated sessions, and working with developers to create materialized views as necessary.
  • Establishing standards across modules, data normalization, and de-normalization as well as dimensional modeling for operational data stores (ODS). Carrying out configuration decisions, determining impacts on project and integration approaches based on impacts.
  • Managing large/complex OLAP systems, business processes, and inter-process communication. Updating data models including physical and logical models of the data warehouse, data mart(s), staging area, and source systems using BI tools.
  • Directing new data development and ensuring consistency/integration with existing EDW structure. Maintaining data architecture, metadata, master data, data management standards, data dictionaries, and data element naming conventions.
  • Extending the existing product functionality and introducing completely new custom modules that seamlessly integrate with the standard product and functionality.
  • Performing SQL code reviews, offering performance related improvements to the team utilizing technical, business insight, existing, and emerging technologies. Evaluating technology solutions, capabilities, and alignment with business objectives.